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Marion Township Rural VFD Purchases Rescue Equipment with Lehigh Donation

MITCHEEL - NOVMEMBER 9, 2022 - With the generous donation from Hanson/Lehigh the Marion Township Fire Department was able to update and purchase new equipment for Low and High angle rope rescue.

Software bags

"One of the functions Hanson / Lehigh / K4 project needed a fire department to perform in this area was High angle and confined space rescue. When we met with them to discuss these functions Marion Twp Fire already had High / low angle rescue capabilities that the Past Fire Chief Jason Zeeks had established."

Marion Twp Fire performed a drill at the K4 project back in the spring that showcased our ability to perform a rope rescue for a worker down inside the construction area. Afterwards Hanson / Lehigh / K4 made a generous donation of $40,000 to Marion Twp Fire Dept.

"When the donation came in, there were several ideas on how to use the funds. The decision was made to spend it on a function that Hanson / Lehigh / K4 actually needed us to be able to perform, and that was High / Low angle rope rescue and confined space. Just like everything else in the fire service, rope has an expiration date. 10 years from the date of manufacture it has to be retired. This requirement states that all of the software equipment has to be replaced every 10 years. We have replaced all of that and more. With the addition of the Arizona Vortex equipment, we can do so much more including inserting a rescuer and lifting a patient from a vertical confined opening."

Thanks to the generous donation from Lehigh the department is prepared to respond to a variety of emergencies requiring rope rescues

Spending a little more than $15,000 of the donation on High / Low angle and Confined space the fire department still has purchases left to make.

Lehigh Plant

"With the remaining funds we plan on making a purchase of Mobile Data Terminals, essentially a laptop with a hotspot for internet to install Spillman, which will give us updates on the call we are responding on from dispatch directly to the computer, mapping software, Hazardous materials information, building pre-plans and reporting software. The donation from Hanson Lehigh K4 we used the funds to benefit both Lehigh and the citizens of Marion and Bono Townships. We wanted to ensure that the donation wasn't just a one item purchase but something that would be a benefit to both Lehigh and the citizens in Marion and Bono Townships. This wouldn't have been possible without Hanson Lehigh K4's generous donation. I would like to personally thank Lehigh in caring for the communities and making sure we had the funds needed to keep our Rope Rescue program going and getting it updated and adding more capabilities to the program."

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