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Many Attend Morning Breakfast to Support Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

HELTONVILLE - JULY 2, 2022 - Many came out to support the Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department Saturday morning. Some of the attendees were arriving before the breakfast was set to begin at 8:00 a.m. this morning.

The Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department was one of the first fire departments established in Lawrence County

The Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department is one of the first volunteer fire departments established in Lawrence County. The department was established in 1961 serving the Heltonville community for more than 61 years.

Staffing and finanaces continue to be a issue for Indiana's volunteer fire departments. Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Indiana legislatiors has been working over the years to abolish township government. The cost for fire protection will raise when volunteer fire departments are abolished

In June the fire department was taken off the 911 dispatch from a Saturday until Tuesday until when the Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicholson advised Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham that the fire contract was annulled.

ATV used by the Pleasant Run Township VFD to respond to incidents in the Hoosier National Forest

The Pleasant Run Township Trustee and Advisory Board are negotiating differences with Pleasant Run Twp. Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department has since been reinstated to the 911 dispatch.

Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicholson will be seeking re-election Michael Nicholson, and Paul Ford, James Ford, and Gary Faubion will be running for township advisory board.

Fire protective gear average cost is $3,500 to outfit each firefighter must be replaced every ten years and volunteer fire departments cannot get a second set of gear to protect against cancer like career departments

Volunteer fire departments across Lawrence County have increased run volume due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Due to the lack of ambulance coverage in Lawrence County have heightened the importance of the Emergency Medical Responders of every Lawrence County Volunteer fire service.

The Lawrence County Commissioners did not allow any COVID 19 funds to be directed towards any volunteer fire department in the county. The only public safety agency to receive COVID 19 funds was the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Seals Ambulance Service. A total of $139.00 was given to the Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department.

The $8,8 Million in ARPA have not been directed to the any public safety agency at this time.

The fundraisers the Pleasant Run Volunteer Fire Department are very important to keep the financial health of each fire department serving their communities.

Steve Nolan, public relations officer for Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association District 17-B talks to an early attendee of the fundraiser for the Pleasant Run Township VFD early Saturday morning

The Guthrie Township and Williams Volunteer Fire Department disbanded over the last few years due to staffing issues. The Lawrence County volunteer fire departments save the county taxpayers over $64 Million.

The Blue Ribbon study on Indiana's volunteer fire departments savings to Indiana taxpayers was commissioned by the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association. Lawrence County Zephyr is trying to obtain a copy of the study.

Interim Fire Chief Darrin Kinser with Indiana Volunteer Fire Association 17-B Public Relations Officer Steve Nolan

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Indiana Legislators have been working to abolish township government over the last several years.

The abolishment of township goverment will have a drastic affect on all volunteer fire departments across the state. In addition, will cost the taxpayers a large sum of money.

In Lawrence County the savings is $64 Million dollars according to Shawswick Township Fire Chief Bobby Brown.

Fundraisers and support of residents of each community are vital to the public safety of it citizens.

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