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Lytton Elected to Another Term - Phil Inman becomes new Lawrence County Council member

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 11, 2022 - Lawrence County Council member Jeff Lytton will serve another term on the Lawrence County Council. Lytton was appointed to Lawrence County District 4 seat filling Sam Craig vacancy after becoming City of Bedford Mayor.

Lawrence County Councilman Jeff Lytton will serve another term for District 4

Lytton easily won the race garnering over 2123 votes over Niklas Sinard Libertarian candidate Niklas Sinard's 370, and now will serve a four year term in Lawrence County District 4.

Phil Inman Republican candidate for Lawrence County Council District 2 easily won with 2,497 votes over Jason Tyler Russell 374 votes.

Phil Inman will be a new face to the Lawrence County Council District 2 seat

" I am relieved, and obviously glad this part is now over with this process. I look forward working for the residents of Lawrence County," said Phil Inman following his win Tuesday night. " There are some issues I know we need to look at. Next years, budget process needs to be a lot smoother. We still have the ambulance issue that needs to be addressed especially from a financial position and completed. There too many issues that we need to look at this point," Inman concluded.

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