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Long Waited Stormwater projects in Oolitic are now underway

OOLITIC - SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 - A long-waited storm water project is now underway at 6th/Oak and Hall/Mathis Streets in Oolitc.

The $750,000 project was funded by a State Revolving Fund, Office Community Rural Affairs Grant, and local matching funds.

A total of $600,000 coming from the grant and $150,000 in a local match from a revolving loan from the State of Indiana.

A stormwater fee of $10 was approved in 2021, after residents suggested raising the fee to that amount so it might not have to be raised as quickly in the future.

Residents of Oolitc have faced many storm related issues over several years.

Originally, there were ten areas the town officials wanted to address with flooding and aging infrastructure. The financial situation of the town did not allow the large number of projects.

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