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Local Resident to Participate in Solidarity Sleepout

BEDFORD - ( April 12, 2022) - Ginny Fullen will once again be taking part in Solidarity Sleepout on this Friday night.

Ginny Fullen will be sleeping outdoors Friday night as part of Solidarity Sleepout

" I am trying to raise funds for the average stay of as many people as I can which is about $675 a person. My goal is for 50 of my friends to donate $10 to $500. Any gift helps," said Fullen

Fullen will be sleep out Friday night to help people experiencing homelessness, particularly for the over night shelter called Friends Place located in Monroe County.

According to Fullen its $15 a night, or $105 for a week. The average stay of 45 days costs $675. Here is the link to donate: Solidarity Sleepout 2022 (

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