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Local Produce Stand Doing Well in Second Year in Bedford

BEDFORD - JULY 15, 2022 - This Friday afternoon was a busy day for a produce stand located on the parking lot of Steele's Barber Shop located at 1121 15th Street in Bedford.

Dirk and Natalie Smith has been selling fresh produce on the parking lot of Steele's Barber Shop located at 1121 15th Street on Wednesday's and Fridays in Bedford

Several customers in search of nice fresh produce and peaches found just what they were looking for. The corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, and other produce are all locally home grown from farms located right in Jackson and Lawrence Counties. The growers coming from four different locations.

The only thing that is special ordered is the peaches which come from a supplier. The peaches coming from Georgia, North and South Carolina.

Dirk and Natalie Smith are pleased to offer the special selection of vegetables to the area.

" The peach truck is what got us started. It is global and we have people lined up and waiting three hours just waiting to buy a case of peaches. So, Dirk asked why I cannot do that," said Dirk Smith.

" Bedford has beyond a blessing to us. Gavin has been my barber for years, and I want to thank him for allowing me to do this,"

The produce stand is opened from noon until 5:00 p.m. while supplies last on both Wednesday and Fridays.

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The stand is opened every Wednesday and Friday until August 15th.

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