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Local Non-Profits Request $250,000 from City of Bedford in 2023 budget requests

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 - During the Bedford City Council meeting Monday night seven non-profits requested funding from the City of Bedford.

Green Hill Cemetery Association request $68,000 for a five-year contract for lawn mowing and upkeep of the historical cemetery

Some of the requests were for more money and other organizations came to the city for help for the first time.

The largest request Monday night was from the Green Hill Cemetery Association for $68,000 for the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery. The city has helped the cemetery with lawn mowing services and snow plowing for the last five years. The Green Hill Cemtery Association has taken over the hiring of lawn mowing services for Beech Grove Cemetery which is owned by the City of Bedford.

Beech Grove cemetery is mowed by lawn mowing company hired by the Green Hill Cemetery Association. The company requested a increase in payment for a five--year contract.

The association fell in difficult times after the interest rates fell and costs of operating the cemetery increase. The association charges $1,000 per each burial and a percentage of that money must be placed in a perpetual fund that can only be used for specific purposes.

Dan Bortner sits on the board of the Green Hill Cemetery Association as a member representing the city.

The White River Humane Society have requested $52,000 in funding which is an increase from previous years of $34,000. The White River Humane Society provided the city council with a list of services provided specifically to the City of Bedford and costs of operating the orgainzation.

Other requests include:

  • Boys and Girls Club - $35,000

  • Economic Growth Council - $50,000

  • Bedford Revitalization Incorporated - $5,000

  • SARAH - Men's Warming Shelter - $25,000

  • Father's Forever - $15,000

The biggest line of questioning for organizations came from Bedford Councilman Brad Bough in regard to the Bedford Revitalization Inc. on the groups Limestone Heritage Festival and the operation of Harps Commons.

Marla Jones and Sarah Turpen answer questions about BRI

Bough questioned the group about moving the Limestone Festival from July 4th, which the organization maintains there is not enough volunteer to hold the event on the holiday. In addition, the Limestone Festival itself celebrates limestone history the week before.

The group collects the rent from the use of Harp Commons, but the city provides utilities and upkeep of the building.

The group works to promote businesses downtown, from all volunteer board. The board previously paid the president Penny May when she served on the BRI but has since gone to an all-volunteer board.

The question and answer went on for more than 25 minutes by city council members, which only receive $5,000 for the City of Bedford.

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