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Lincoln Plaza Pharmacy Looking to Add Drive Thru Service

BEDFORD - AUGUST 17, 2022 - The Lincoln Plaza Pharmacy is looking to add Drive-Thru Service for its customers.

Lincoln Plaza Pharmacy is looking to improve service to its customers

The Bedford Board of Works approved the businesses request to create a one-way alley from north to south from 6 1/2 street to 7 1/2 street during their meeting on Monday afternoon.

Bedford Board of Works approved a proposal to make the alley between 6 1/2 Street and 7 1/2 Street a one way alley

The Bedford City Council approved the request up until the final passage. The city council wanted to give residents in the neighborhood to weigh in on the matter.

Steve Anderson, Lincoln Plaza told Mayor Sam Craig that he is hoping to provide the service for customers with COVID -19 and give customers with mobility issues to get their prescriptions at the drive thru.

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