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LCIS To Hire Director of Finance Operations

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

By: Bill Raines

Lawrence County Zephyr

FAYETTEVILLE - ( November 25, 2021) - The LCIS board approved the hiring of Director of Finance Operations.

This comes after the headmaster position was eliminated

. Academics and Finance are two different responsibilities that Principal Synmcox focus needs to be academics and the new hire will focus on finances.

The board focus needs to governance not the day-to-day operation of the school.

The board approved LCIS policy changes to identify school and non-school functions and expectations for activities, clubs, and organizations. This includes the preparations of foods at fundraisers and events.

The board also approved changes to the employee hand book to identify holidays the employees will be paid for.

Brenda Mescher, assistant director of Community Connections gave an update on the schools' compliance.

Attendance is an opportunity that will need to be looked at.

The special education meets standards. The financials will be reviewed next month.

The board accepted the resignation of Jeanie Barnes and Cyndi Terrell.

Approved the hiring of Regina Weir - Elementary Special Education Coordinator. Approved the hiring of Josh Davis Part- Time Maintance Approved Jacqueline Lyons from part-time to full-time with board member Jason Lyons abstaining from the vote. Approved the hiring of Alexis Speer as long- term substitute. There were questions by board president Trisha Turner why the job opening was not filled as full-time position.

Hired Black Diamond Pest Control for contractor for pest control services.

Application being drafted for the USDA Farm to school program. Local farmers, and those with gardening experience are being sought to help guide this grant process and advice.

Kroger donated $1,000 to LCIS to help purchase food when their supplier is not able to deliver product needed.

The food supply has affected many organizations not just LCIS.

Mrs Symncox gave a detailed report on the many good things happening at the school from the first basketball game held at the facility and the Veterans Day program held at the school.

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