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LCIS students attend mock trial in Lawrence County Superior Court II Tuesday morning

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 28, 2023 - Lawrence County Independent School 8th grade students read the book " 12 Angry Men" last week and on Tuesday the students got a firsthand look at the court system.

Photo: Lawrence Count Independent School students decide whether the defendant was guilty or not guilty in a mock trial held this morning in Lawrence County Superior Court II

Photo: Lawrence County Chief Deputy Tony Siedle watches LCIS students deliberate the case

" We had a miniature jury trial, we had a police officer testify, with the defense attorney cross examine, and had a person volunteer as the defendant," said Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline.

Photo: Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Robert Cline played the role as prosecutor in today's mock trial

In today's mock trial Judge Bob Cline played the role as Prosecutor and retired Judge Frank Newkirk Jr, Salem, Indiana presides as Judge during the mock trial.

Photo: Retired Washington County Superior Court Judge Frank Newkirk Jr. played the role as Judge in today's mock trial.

" We gave the student a show, and the student went into deliberations to determine guilt or innocence," said Judge Cline.

The case the students got to hear was a fake drunk driving case. The students hearing other people views of the case. "The win today is they get to learn about the legal system," Cline stated.

Photo: In today's mock trial defense attorney was played by Nicole Sevenski, and the defendant played by Mallorie Stidam

After the student's hard work Judge Cline will be feeding the students pizza and more importantly the taxpayers are not paying the bill, as Judge Cline is paying for it out of his own pocket.

The opportunity for other schools or organizations to take part in a mock trial is welcome to do so. " This type of educational opportunity breeds trust and what goes on sometimes is scary. But if you understand the process, you understand people care about it, you have more confidence," added Cline.

" No matter what these students are citizens. Whether these students become future lawyers, prosecutors or law enforcement officers. But, these students have a better understanding of their government and can hold them accountable,"

" I really enjoyed doing this today, and anytime you can educate children it is a good thing," Judge Cline concluded.

Today's role players included:

  • Judge - Retired Washington Couty Superior Court Judge Frank Nikirk Jr.

  • Prosecutor - Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline

  • Defense Attorney - Nicole Sevenski

  • Defendant - Lawrence County Victim's Advocate officer -Mallorie Stidam

  • Police officer - Lawrence County Chief Deputy Tony Siedle

" We like the opportunity today to work with the young people, and the court staff who helped with this today," said Judge Cline.

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