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LCIS PTO Asks about financial accounts and monies from other fundraisers

FAYETTEVILLE - FEBRUARY 24, 2023 - A PTO member from the Lawrence County Independent Schools asked about the current status of various fund raisers held by LCIS during their meeting on Thursday.

Lawrence County Independent School Board

According to the PTO member revenue generated from last year's Valentine's Day Dance was allocated for the 2023 event. Those funds were not located with PTO members funding the event from their own pockets.

In addition, the PTO member alleges that money generated at sporting events through Venmo had not been made available to them and asked about the status of those funds, and questions remained about the Playground Palooza event.

Video: Lawrence County Independent School PTO member ask questions about various revenues generated at LCIS at various events conducted by the school

The LCIS board president was not able to answer those questions at the time of the meeting Thursday night. The financial officer at LCIS was placed on administrative leave for the past 45 days.

Kevin Davis tells the board a financial report is not yet available

During the meeting on Thursday Kevin Davis was not able to deliver a Finacial Report to the board as data from the school has just been received.

The LCIS board voted to discontinue the stipend given to bus drivers after gas prices now have dropped below the threshold determined by the board. The board voted for bus drivers to receive a $100 stipend due to the high cost of diesel fuel.

The Midwest region was $4.37 a gallon for diesel fuel and has gone down to $4.19 a gallon with the limit set at $4.50 a gallon. February will be the last time the bus drivers will receive the stipend unless fuel prices change again.

In other actions taken by the board:

Mrs. Symcox gave the board an overview of the events coming at LCIS including a visit to the Lawrence County Courthouse with a tour by Lawrence County Circuit Court Judge Nathan Nikirk. This follows after students read the book " 12 Angry Men".

The following personnel changes were approved:

New hires:

  • Chasity Hill - 1 to 1 Elementary Resource Aide

  • Tami Wilson - Middle School Resource Aide

  • Mary Kinser - LCIS School Nurse

Resignations or terminations

  • Treydan Pemberton - 1st grade teacher


  • Taylor Watson - 1st grade teacher under the supervision of Sarah Daughtery

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments at LCIS.


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