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LCIS Media Program is Educational and Fun For Students

FAYETTEVILLE - (December 9, 2021) - The LCIS Phoenix Media Program is a fun way to teach students a variety of skills.

Brian Young's class get to watch students produce a news production every morning.

(Desco Hinojosa does the weather on his first take, while Peter Hayden works the camera and teleprompter)

" This is something that is great, it teaches us several things including how to edit the broadcast. There are times I have to change the prompter to say something else because it just does not sound right," said Mia Robertston 7th grader LCIS.

(Left - Kalila Deckard and Right - Mia Robertson gives the LCIS students news for day)

Mia has helped with 129 episodes, doing the scripts and getting out in front of the camera.

" This is really fun to be able to participate. I have learned to read faster and learned on how to do the board," said Kalia Deckard.

Desco Hinojosa likes doing the weather putting his own energy and enthusiasm into the program.

In today's program Kalia Deckard also helped with the Wednesday morning production.

Brian Young whose idea for the program for the students would like to see the program continue to grow.

" I would like to do mini-short videos, mini-TV shows, and podcasts in the future," said Young.

Young would like to see the students produce commercials and other type of media in the future.

The way we started this while I was a teacher at Stalker Elementary was just the news and Young's vision at LCIS is to other media productions.

The CSP grant will allow the school to purchase new microphones, cameras, back drops, green screens.

The CSP is a federal grant awarded to Charter Schools, it is a startup grant for charter schools. LCIS applied for the grant once before, and finally being awarded approximately $900,000.

According to Young, $8,000 have been allotted to the media program to purchase laptops, and video equipment.

" My goal is to get the students to understand why they write the things they write. We talk about persuasive essays and informative essays. We want to being able to show the kids, we write these things for an audience. I think the news and the future podcasts, gives them a reason for writing. Instead, just writing for Mr. Young. I have to focus my writing on someone," said Young.

" My ultimate goal is to show the students how media plays a role in their lives and bring it to other students,"

This is the first year of operation for Lawrence County Independent Schools, which is Lawrence County's first charter school.

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