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LCIS Enrollment 245 Fully Staffed for 2022-2023 School Year

FAYETTEVILLE - August 4, 2022 - Lawrence County Independent Schools has an enrollment of 245 according to information released from the last school board meeting.

There are still openings with no waiting for kindergarten, first, seventh, and eighth grades.

The board approved the following board changes:

New Hires:

  • Sarah Daughtery - Assistant Principal

  • Debra Day - Kindergarten teacher

  • Lilly Brooks - 1st grade teacher

  • Treydan Pemberton - 1st grade teacher

  • Maitlyn Alvey - 2nd grade teacher

  • Taylor Sowders - Kindergarten instructional aide


  • Heather Robertson

  • Alexis Speer

  • Avery James

  • Tammy Spradlin

The board observed a moment of silence for Kenny Murphy who recently passed before the opening of the school year. School employees told the Lawrence County Zephyr that Kenny Murphy and Rick Kattau would play music for the students.

The board said that Kenny will be missed.

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