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LCIS Employees Placed on Administrative Leave During Investigation

FAYETTEVILLE - FEBRUARY 23, 2023 - Lawrence County Zephyr has learned that some employees have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation on accusations regarding some financial matters of the school corporation.

Photo: Lawrence County Independent School Board of Trustees

LCIS Board president Eric Johnson, read a statement to the public during their regular board meeting tonight that was released earlier this week to the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Photo: Lawrence County Independent School President Eric Johnson

This is the statement the Lawrence County Independent Schools have released a statement in response to questions from the public on reports of financial mismanagement by the school.

"In January 2023, Lawrence County Independent Schools (LCIS) received reports alleging financial mismanagement. Due to the seriousness of these allegations, LCIS has initiated an independent investigation of systems to determine if any wrongdoing occurred. While the investigation remains ongoing, the Board has received preliminary notice from the investigator that it does not appear any financial mismanagement occurred. The LCIS Board welcomes the scrutiny of its families and the community and is always endeavoring to ensure we are providing the best services possible to our students and families.”

Johnson told the public that as soon as the investigation is complete the public will be given results of that investigation. According to Johnson more people are being interviewed before the investigation is complete.

Trisha Turner, who stated this evening she was one of the employees that was placed on leave; those employees and is ready to get back to work.

According to Turner she did not know some of the results of the investigation until it was reported on the Lawrence County Zephyr.

" I ask the board to do better," said Turner.

The Lawrence County Zephyr asked for the names of those who were placed on leave both during an email to President Eric Johnson, and the Communications Team handling the media inquiries about the investigation, which neither would release at this time.

The Lawrence County Zephyr again asked for the names of the LCIS employees placed on leave, and whether the LCIS Board of Trustees met in Executive or Public session to place the personnel on leave, during this evening's board meeting. Those names still have not been released to the public.

According to Johnson the board placed the employees on leave during an Executive Session.

Lawrence County Zephyr contacted school officials last Friday after several parents contacted the Lawrence County Zephyr concerned that their children, who were students were being told about the issues in the classroom.

After receiving more concerns from the public the Lawrence County Zephyr investigated the claims. Due to the personnel nature of the issues the LCIS could not release all the information asked.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in this story.


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