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LCIS Collects Socks for Men's Warming Shelter

FAYETTEVILLE - Students from LCIS collected socks for the Men Warming Shelter in Bedford.

" Mrs. Young's class put together a project learning project proposal. Instead of a gift exchange students brought they could bring in a package of socks. The other classes through Fayetteville were challenged and the winner was challenged to a sock fight," Joanne Symcox Principal of Fayetteville LCIS.

There was a fight at LCIS but all in good fun!

The goal was to bring 265 packages of socks, and the students from LCIS Fayetteville brought in a total of 485.

Mrs. Young's class winning the challenge.

This Friday, it was a fun day with children having a fun time of fighting with socks. There were plenty of socks flying through the year.

In addition, the winning class also got to throw a pie in Mr. Jerry Sonheim's face.

Pie in the face for Mr. Jerry Sonheim

Students and teachers both enjoyed the fun, while doing something for the community.

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