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LCIS Board Officers Named During Annual Meeting

FAYETTEVILLE - JUNE 30, 2022 - The Lawrence County Independent School board named their new officers who will start presiding at the next board meeting.

  • Jason Lyons - President

  • Corey Hudson - Vice - President

  • Eric Johnson - Secretary

In other business:

  • Trisha Turner - reported the German American Health Insurance Policies and Property Damage, Liability Insurance will see an increase in premium over last year. The Health Care Insurance for staff will see a five percent increase.

  • New teachers will be paid minimum of $40,000 as required by Indiana State Statue all staff and teachers will see a pay increase

  • LCIS Playground Equipment installation should begin in the fall, the company doing the installation have put the school on its work schedule. The company this summer is working on 86 different projects at this time

  • Teachers have started on Professional Development for the upcoming school year, and curriculum improvements

  • A sensory room will be designed with equipment to help with the programing

  • LCIS applied for and received a Lawrence County Community Foundation grant in the amount of $1,500 for its garden, which they plan to improve walkways and soil and seeds for the upcoming school year.

  • Applications for 21st Scholar program is due by July 15th by 7th and 9th graders

  • Application for Reduced and Text Book Assistance will be sent out shortly

  • Approved policy changes to handbooks, and other policies for the upcoming school year

  • Installation of cameras and security upgrades will be installed shortly - stronger security procedures will be in place for the upcoming school year.

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