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LCIS Board Approves Personnel Changes Thursday Night

FAYETTEIVLLE - JUNE 30, 2022 - The Lawrence County Independent School Board approved the following personnel changes Thursday night during their meeting. Jason Lyons abstained from voting on the recommendations.

New Hires

  • Olivia Hudson 6th Grade teacher

  • Melissa Brown 4th Grade teacher

  • Lana Cruce 3rd Grade teacher

  • Brooke Dille K-3 Special Education Teacher

  • Lindsey Steelman K-8 STEAM Teacher

  • Christina Ward Grade 7-8 Science Teacher

  • Claudi Mcfadden Office Manager

  • Kitchen Supervisor Jacqueline Lyons

Resignations and Terminations

  • Jenifer Harp

  • Katie Engel

  • Jaelynn Sanders

  • Brian Young

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