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Lawrence County Zephyr Reaches 89,000 Views

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( January 22, 2022) - The Lawrence County Zephyr which began its debut now has reached over 89,000 post views and over 69,000 site views.

Lawrence County Zephyr is a local news and information provider keeping the public informed on a variety of topics.

In addition, most public meetings are now available by video unless they are quality issues.

The video allows the public to hear the meeting instead of just a written article so those who could not attend see the full context of actually what happened in real time. The videos are not live.

Locally, public access to information to residents have become more challenging.

Lawrence County Zephyr is helping to keep local elected leaders open and transparent as they conduct the public’s business.

At least twice the media and public was kept out of public meetings with the officials emerging from the meeting who forgot to invite the public in or conducted the meeting without time notification.

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