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Lawrence County Zephyr Policy Released on News Stories and Editorials

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 24, 2022 - Lawrence County Zephyr continues to grow in viewers and subscribers to our publication. Due to the ever-increasing demand for local news and coverage of local events the expectations for accurate news reporting and information be given.

Lawrence County Zephyr researches every news story with documentation and attempts to reach the public officials or agency to verify information. At times incorrect information is given in a news story and has to be changed to reflect the mistake.

Lawrence County when it is contacted about a mistake or misinformation in a story, a correction will be made (if verified) at the top of the story to reflect the changes made within the story as well as within the story byline to reflect the new information. To date this has occurred twice in the last month to reflect a major change in a news story.

No story will be removed due to its contents that is disagreeable to the subjects involved in the feature or public pressure from the viewers to which they find objectionable.

Any concerns or questions regarding Lawrence County Zephyr contact or by phone at 812-278-1659.

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