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Lawrence County Zephyr News exceeds 1 million readers today December 23, 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY DECEMBER 23, 2023 - The Lawrence County Zephyr has exceeded more than 1 million views today as the local media website that was created two years ago brings local news, events, and information to the community.

This is a 19 percent more readers than last year.

Photo: Bill Raines creator and editor Lawrence County Zephyr

Bill Raines editor of the daily publication conducts personal interviews, seeks his own personal content, and attends local government meetings to keep readers informed.

Photo: On December 23, 2023 more than 1.1 Million readers have come to the local media website which has exceeded more than 200,000 readers over last year.

The Lawrence County Zephyr seeks donations and advertisements to help with the expenses of providing local content. This year, the news website has added live feeds of meetings , events and news events to bring the news as it happens.

Raines is in his 7th year of Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma and stopped all treatment in November 2022.

" While my health holds out, I will continue to bring local, area and state news to the community in 2024The next year will hold a lot of uncertainty as my health will dictate what I will be able to do over the next year. I will do my best to bring the readers what they expect over the next year," said Raines.

" It was my pleasure to meet many wonderful people over the last two years in Lawrence and surrounding counties some by special invitation, added Raines.

Photo: The Lawrence County Zephyr attended an Open House in Mitchell recently

Advertisers and small businesses have benefited from advertising on the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Donations of any kind are welcome to support local journalism.

For breaking news and information go to or like/follow the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


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Diana Flynn

Bill you do a wonderful job. I always look to your page for my news.


Paul Gillespie
Paul Gillespie

Great job Bill! Keep up the good work

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