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Lawrence County Within in Driving Distance of Two State Parks - Memorial Day Weekend Fun

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 31, 2022 - Lawrence County is within driving distance of two state parks. This weekend, many used the Memorial Day weekend to see the Civil War Reenactment at Spring Mill, before hitting the lake at Lake Monroe.

Boating, skiing and swimming was a favorite at Lake Monroe over the Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day launches the summer season with a variety of recreation opportunities for Lawrence County residents.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Civil War Reenactment took place at Spring Mill State Park

Of course, every Memorial Day Weekend the village of Spring Mill will take you back to the Civil War days with the village transformed into the camps during that time period.

Many crowd the Meeting House to hear what Abraham Lincoln had to say

Later, in the afternoon the village turns into a battlefield as the two sides fight out the war once again with rifles, cannons and the sounds of war are echoed out through the hills of southern Indiana.

To the north of Lawrence County sits Lake Monroe, which provides swimming, boating, skiing, and a place just to cookout and enjoy the scenery of lakes, woods, and other natural beauty.

On Monday, with the windy conditions some took an opportunity to fly a kite.

Can you find the kite?

On June 4th and 5th the State Parks will have a another free park day, for residents to enjoy all these features for free. Those wanting to take their time fishing can do so for free.

After the long weekend of fun, it all must come to an end as people must head back to work. But, for the meantime it was a great weekend for family and friends to spend time with one another.

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