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Lawrence County Veterans Office Prepared to Families of Troops Deployed for Ukraine Missions

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 5, 2022) - Lawrence County Veterans Officer Brad Bough; advised local media that his office is prepared to assist families of troops deployed on Ukraine related missions.

Brad Bough previously in Ukraine

U.S. troops have been deployed into the Balkan and Poland region over the last several days, in the event of Russian aggression expands in NATO allied countries.

" My office stands ready to support families, while they are in harm's way and troops on their return," said Bough.

" I cannot imagine that we do not have Lawrence County citizens serving the armed forces in harm's way,"

Bough says anything these families, and troops need to contact his office. " For example, if a military member was injured while serving over there. We will help them in any way possible," said Bough.

The Lawrence County Veterans Office located at 916 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421. Phone number (812)275-6411.

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