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Lawrence County Spared of Major Damage - Tornados Hit Six Other States

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (December 11, 2021) - Lawrence County was spared major damage from thunderstorms Friday night into, Saturday morning.

The storms brought down trees, and powerlines in several areas throughout southern Indiana with most of the damages reported west and north of Lawrence County. However, in the Mitchell area there were reports of trees down.

Thunderstorms and high-winds brought trees down throughout the area Friday night and Saturday morning. Photo: Ellettsville Fire Department Facebook page

In the state of Indiana over 40,000 power customers were without power. In Greene County Volunteer fire departments were dispatched to several locations with downed trees and powerlines blocking both county and state highways. In Monroe County reported the same with some residents still without power late Saturday afternoon.

Utilities District of Indiana is reporting several customers without power, and some may not have power restored until Sunday with high winds on Saturday knocking out more power in other locations.

However, tornados hit six states that include Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee according to the National Weather Service.

The tornados wreaked havoc across the South and Midwest bringing heavy snowfall in parts of the Midwest and western Great Lakes Region.

The death toll for the tornados is expected to rise as search and rescue operations are underway in the areas where the tornado hit today.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear reports that at least 70 had been killed, and the death toll in that state could rise to more than 100. The State of Kentucky was hit by four tornados, including one tornado that spanned over 200 miles.

In Mayfield Kentucky, about 110 people huddled inside a candle-making factory when that town was hit by the tornado.

Reports that at least six people were killed in Edwardsville, Illinois at an Amazon warehouse and three died in Tennessee. A fire station in Obion County Tennessee was completely destroyed a fire station, with firefighters unable to get to their equipment relying on mutual aid fire departments to assist in search and rescue operations. Many residents pleading for help when the storm first hit.

The storm caused fires, knocked over a train with 28 empty rail cars, and leaving a swath of damage for several miles.

An Executive Judge Jesse Perry was killed in Graves County, Kentucky.

In Arkansas, a 94-year-old was killed, and five other people injured when a nursing home in Monette was demolished. A person was killed at a Dollar General Store in Leachville, Arkansas.

Temperatures rose to high 60s in the local area and dropped to the high 30s by late Saturday afternoon.

The storm predication kept many up throughout the night, in Lawrence County fearing the worst after reports of the storms striking earlier throughout in Arkansas and Illinois.

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