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Lawrence County Solid Waste District Raises Tax Rate to Maximum Levy for 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 - The Lawrence County Council passed an ordinance to raise the tax rate for the Lawrence County Solid Waste District Thursday night.

Ron Walker appeared before the Lawrence County Council to adopt the 2023 budget. Stating that the assessed value has increased for the county.

Ron Walker, President Lawrence County Solid Waste District requested the maximum tax levy for 2023

The tax rate is the maximum tax levy for the 2023 Budget. The tax rate for 2023 budget year is 0.1103 compared to the 2022 certified tax rate of 0.0833. This rate can increase, decrease or remain the same once the final numbers are realized for 2023.

The budget for 2023 is $3,313,315 compared to the 2022 certified budget of $4,009,700 which was a decrease of $696,385.

The Lawrence County Council does not have the ability to change the budget of the Lawrence Solid Waste District by Indiana Statue. The LCWSD is its own entity in county government.

This was the only action taken by the Lawrence County Council. The members were supposed to have a budget run though, however the Lawrence County Council decided to adjourn the meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 14, at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the position on county employee raises for 2023.

Lawrence County members is trying to eliminate $1 Million to the proposed 2023 budget after learning that the county has overspent their general since 2019.

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