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Lawrence County Sheriff Reports Jail Counts at 126 Inmates

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 5, 2022 -During the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday morning Sheriff Mike Branham reports the jail population at 126.

Removing the Indiana Department of Corrections inmates, the jail population would be at 105.

Today's Jail Counts

  • Total Inmates - 125

  • Males - 103

  • Females - 23

  • Level 6 Felons - 5

  • Department of Corrections -21

  • Parole - 0

The Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II, Judge John Plummer, Judge Robert Cline, Lawrence County Public Defender's office, Tim Sledd, as well as Sheriff Mike Branham have been working together to reduce the jail population.

Tim Sledd has been recently appointed Chief Public Defender by the Lawrence County Public Defender Board which include Brent Steele, Bill Spreen, and Jerry Hill.

Improved communication between all of the county's offices have made the difference in reducing the jail population.


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