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Lawrence County Sheriff names Brandon Blackwell as Chief Deputy

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 25, 2023 - Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day has named Brandon Blackwell as his Chief Deputy following the retirement of Tony Siedl.

Photo: Chief Deputy Brandon Blackwell Lawrence County Sheriff's Department

Siedl retired about a week ago from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

Tony Siedl retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, previously served as Chief Deputy of Lawrence County under former Lawrence County Sheriff Sam Craig, before serving about six months as Chief Deputy under the Day administration.

Photo: Retired Chief Deputy Tony Siedl gives blood back in January of this year

In September 2022, Day chose Siedl as his Chief Deputy, " His organization, administrative skills, and leadership are still talked about," said Day when he chose Siedl as his second in command.

" We always knew Tony was going to come in for a transitional period, we are going to miss him," added Sheriff Day.

" Chief Deputy Blackwell has stepped up to the plate and have the upmost confidence in him. Blackwell has a great work ethic, and high morals, professional and full integrity," said Day in naming Blackwell his second in command.

In addition, Andy Blackburn has been named second shift captain. " He is a hard worker, and knowledgeable in all in facets of police work, this is a change of pace for him," Sheriff Day added.

Deputy Harrison Fleetwood has been promoted to Captain.

Photo: Lawrence County Security Center - Jail counts continue to climb as Department of Corrections changed policies which is making it difficult to get inmates from the jail into the state prison system

The jail counts continue to climb due to issues with the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Local officials worked to keep the numbers and jail population down in the county, with all the county's department working together to keep it that way. For several months local justice partners had the jail counts below 100 inmates.

Total jail counts:

  • 133 - Total Inmates

  • 104 - Males

  • 29 - Females

  • 19 - Department of Corrections holds

  • 4 - Parole Holds

According to Indiana State Law the Sheriff is suppose to deliver the Department of Corrections inmates within five day of sentencing.

Photo: Sheriff Greg Day replies to questions about the increase in the jail population

Sheriff Day says this is a statewide issue, the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department has reached out to the Department of Corrections weekly.

The Department of Corrections response to the sheriff, "we came and got your inmates in May, there are 37 counties, before we get back to you,"

The numbers keep climbing at the Lawrence County Security Center.

The county only receives $35 a day, as according to Indiana State Law. The county actually looses money in keeping the Department of Corrections inmates.

Asked by Lawrence County Council president Jeff Lytton on whether the state legislature could do anything to which Day replied, " not really", as we try to remain on good terms with the IDOC.

The 133 inmates is less than the 180 capacity of the facility but they are stringent rules on how the inmates must be housed. There are classification of inmates such as high risk, we cannot mismatch the inmate population.

" We try to remain on good terms with the state, as we do not want to receive a bad jail inspection," added Day.

The Department of Corrections changed their system and so far it has not been going well for the Indiana Sheriff's.

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