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Lawrence County Sheriff Hires Firm Takeover Meal Services

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 - During the budget hearing Tuesday evening Mike Branham reported he hired Tiger Services to take over the meal services for the Lawrence County Jail.

The total cost of the to the county for this service is $278,472.

According to Sheriff Branham the contract will allow correctional officers to get back in the jail where they are needed. Branham says the jail is still short six correctional officers. A correctional officer is required when serving meals and this will free that officer.

Tiger services will provide a total of 2500 calories which is 300 more than previously the current plan offers.

A certified dietician will sign off on all the menus. A hot breakfast, hot lunch and a cold dinner will be served to the inmates.

Tiger staff will be out of the kitchen by 1:00 p.m. every day. According to Tiger this will be a savings in utilities and save the life of the equipment.

The jail will be billed monthly for services, and a statement will be issued weekly on the number of meals served.

Tiger will oversee the staffing, inventory, inmate assistance, meal preparations, and cleaning.

Lawrence County Zephyr will be looking how the budget for the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department and Public Safety has increased in thee 2023 Budget process.

Lawrence County Council members are trying to reduce $1 Million due to overspending in the general fund over the last four years. The Sheriff, Jail, Public Safety, and Central Dispatch costs is proposed around $5.8 Million with an additional cost of 911 services of over $1 million.

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