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Lawrence County Sheriff Department Matron Saving Taxpayer Money in Meal Expenditures

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 30, 2023 - Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day reports that the Matron for the jail is saving taxpayers about $500 to $1,000 a week.

According to Day, Beam has negotiated with the food vendors to deliver the number of calories that are served each day and is required by regulations for correctional facilities.

Hot meals are served twice a day, and the kitchen is closed at 1:30 pm. The inmates are served a sack lunch which helps with second shift staff in distributing meals of an evening. The inmates can eat anytime they want, with the sack lunch and not have to worry about eating quickly and return a tray.

File photo: Sheriff Greg Day makes a presentation during a recent meeting

Former Sheriff Mike Branham had proposed a similar contract with Tiger Meal services who was going to take over meal delivery at the county jail for a price of $278,472.

Tiger meal services would have provided a total of 2,500 calories which was 300 calories more than the current plan offered.

The contract would have been responsible for the staffing, inventory, inmate assistance, meal preparations, and cleaning. However, that contract was not signed by the county due to cost variations.

Lawrence County Council members expressed their appreciation for the savings to taxpayers.

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