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Lawrence County Sheriff Branham is Seeking to Change Years of Service Requirement for New Hires

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 25, 2022 - Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham asked the Lawrence County Council members to consider changing the years of service for retirement from the Sheriff's Department.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Merit board approved the changes at a previous meeting.

Lawrence County Council members tabled this matter until council members could review the matter.

The change will go from 10 years of service to 20 years of service before a deputy could draw retirement.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department does accept officers up to 45 years of age.

Deputy Williams with K-9 Flek

The policy change will not affect the existing deputies of the department but will affect the new hires of the department.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham did not state whether he consulted any incoming sheriff candidates on the proposal.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department is struggling to keep deputies, jail officers and dispatchers. There is six vacancies for jail officers, and three 911 dispatchers. The department is competing against the public sector who offer better pay and benefits.

The policy change will hopefully help the department retain officers once they are hired. But the concern will be whether this will attract officers to the department.

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