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Lawrence County Sheriff Branham Gives 'Six Month Commissary Report

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (January 30, 2022) - During last week's Lawrence County Council Meeting Sheriff Mike Branham gave the six-month Commissary report.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham

A jail commissary fund is established is separate from the general fund, and money in the fund does not revert back to the general fund.

The sheriff or the sheriff's designee shall deposit all money from commissary sales into the fund, which the sheriff or the designee shall keep in a depository designated.

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The sheriff or designee at their discretion and without appropriation by the county fiscal body may disburse funds for the from the money for the fund for

  • Merchandise for resale through the commissary

  • Expenses of operation the commissary, including facilities and personnel

  • Special training in law enforcement for employees of the sheriff's department.

  • Equipment installed in the county jail including computers, computer software, communications devices, office machinery, cameras, and photographic equipment, animals, animal training, holding, and feeding equipment and supplies or attire used by employees of the sheriff's department in the course of their employment of official duties.

  • Activity provided to maintain order and discipline among the inmates

  • An activity or program of the sheriff's department intended to reduce or prevent occurrence of criminal activity, including the following: Substance abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Drinking and Driving, and Juvenile Delinquency.

  • Expenses related to the establishment, operation or maintenance of the sex and violent registry website.

  • Any other benefit the sheriff's department that is mutually agreed upon by the county fiscal body and county sheriff.

Money disbursed from the fund under this must be supplemental or in addition to rather than a replacement for regular appropriations made to carry out the items listed above.

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As of July 1, 2021, the balance of the fund was reported at $75,427.81 and ended with a balance of $83,729,46. Total receipts for the period include $221,640 and Disbursements included $213,339.01.

Jail Report

  • Total inmates - 144 or 80 percent capacity

  • Males - 120

  • Females - 24

  • Level -6 - 1

  • Doc Inmates -15

Sheriff Branham reports that the new legislation proposed in the Indiana State Legislature and Co-Authored by District 65 Representative Chris May will not provide any help to the local jail. The proposed legislation will help larger counties. House Bill 1004 would provide judicial flexibility so Level 6 Felons can be sent to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

All local judges, prosecutors, sheriff and public defenders has been working to help with overcrowding over the last couple years to reduce overcrowding at the Lawrence County Security Center.

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