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Lawrence County's Oldest Resident Turned 101

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 8, 2022 - Millie Younger has reached a milestone only most of us could only dream about.

Jerry Younger, son, Millie Younger, and Libby Kortea, daughter celebrate Milie's 101st on Sunday

On May 5, 2022, Lawrence County's oldest resident turned 101 years young and Sunday the family celebrated this special occasion with her.

Millie credits her longevity to clean living and hard work. " You got to eat beans, cornbread, biscuits and gravy and fix everything in Lard," Younger exclaimed.

Younger lived on their 20-acre farm since 1947. " Life consisted of hard work we grew up poor, and not very rich," Younger added. " We used to put huge gardens over the years,"

Younger family is rich in many ways, which includes Millie who is the glue that keeps the family together.

" I am the monarch of the family, I keep them all in line," says Younger.

Millie's son, Jerry and his sister Libby Koreta helped celebrate this special occasion with the grandchildren and Millie who now has great- great grandchildren. Three of her grandchildren are triplets which include Monica, Regina and Bernadette Barron.

Her son Bob passed away a few years ago. The Younger siblings reflecting on their days of growing up at the Younger's homestead.

Left to right bottom row - The triplets - Monica Barron, Millie Younger, Regina and Bernadette, Barron, back row - Toni Barron

The family joined in singing " Happy Birthday" to Millie and of course, yours truly got invited back for next year's birthday celebration.

"Happy Birthday Millie" and a year to grow on," Lawrence County Zephyr wishes Millie a Happy 101st and more to come.

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