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Lawrence County Reorganizes for 2023 Jeff Lytton will serve as President

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 24, 2023 - The Lawrence County Council held its reorganization meeting at 5:30 pm Tuesday evening.

2023 Lawrence County Council from left to right - Phil Inman, Julie Chase, Jane "Craig" Chenault, President, Jeff Lytton, Julie Heweston, Vice-President Rick Butterfield, and Amy Redman

The Lawrence County Council members elected Jeff Lytton as president and Rick Butterfield as vice-president.

The Lawrence County Council approved the following appointments to various boards and liaisons to various departments.

2023 Lawrence County Council appointments:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Commission - Scott Smith

  • Southern Indiana Development Commission - Julie Hewetson

  • Purdue Extension - Amy Redman

  • 4-H Fair Board - Rick Butterfield

  • Salary Committee - Jeff Lytton, Janie " Craig" Chenault, Rick Butterfield

  • Abatement - Janie "Craig" Chenault, Jeff Lytton, Rick Butterfield

  • Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council - Jeff Lytton and Janie "Craig" Chenault

  • Mitchell Public Library - Elizabeth Freeman-Cammack

  • Bedford Public Library - Nick Webb

  • Courthouse Security - Jeff Lytton

  • Redevelopment Commission - Scott Smith and Jeff Quyle

  • Lawrence County Perservation Board - Amy Redman

  • Lawrence County 911 Board - Rick Butterfield

  • Lawrence County Solid Waste - Jeff Lytton

2023 Lawrence County Council Liaisons:

  • Jeff Lytton - Surveyor, Veterans, Aviation

  • Janie " Craig" Chenault - Clerk, Assessor, Growth Council, and Commissioners

  • Julie Heweston - Auditor, Probation, Corrections, Coroner

  • Rick Butterfield - Sheriff/Jail, Public Defender, JDIA(Substance Abuse), Circuit Court

  • Julie Chase - Health Department, Recorder, Emergency Management

  • Amy Redman - Extension, Treasurer, Superior Court I

  • Phil Inman - Highway, Prosecutor, Superior Court II

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