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Lawrence County Redevelopment Disburses Funds To Marshall Township Projects

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP - (March 10, 2022) -The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission has disbursed funds to several projects within Marshall Township.

  • Marshal Township Volunteer Fire Department received $17,500 to purchase a Utility Task Vehicle. This will aid to reach scenes in difficult terrain with a growth in residential homes on properties not easily accessible by the larger fire apparatus. The department will match the funding with another $17,500 coming from another grant source to help equip the new vehicle.

  • The Regional Sewer District in the Judah will receive a total of $113,500 directed towards the SIDC for their fees associated with the new wastewater treatment facility being constructed in the Judah area. The vote passed with stipulations that the money will be directed in a restricted fund. A partial payment has already been allocated to the sewer district.

  • Avoca Park and Recreation was allocated $40,000 in TIF funds with an understanding that the funds will be used in conjunction with other grants being sought by the group. The funds must be dispensed by 2025 or returned back to the RDC.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Marshall Township Trustee candidate Christopher Noel thanked the RDC for the commitment both to the volunteer fire department and park. "There is wonderful group of volunteers at both organizations,"

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission has not acted upon the allocation to the Lawrence County Fairgrounds for the installation of broadband to the Expo Hall. That discussion is expected at the next RDC.

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Lawrence County RDC members were given an update on the MOU between the RDC and City of Mitchell. The City of Mitchell legal counsel asked that language be removed that the City of Mitchell will purchase the building. The City of Mitchell also wanted to ensure the quality of building met the standards and covenants of the industrial park.

1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

In final business the RDC approved the payment of $13,744.14 to Baker Tilly for contract services. Baker Tilly is working with the Lawrence County Auditors office in preparing required reports to the state.

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