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Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission Receives TIF Report for 2023

MITCHELL - JULY 15, 2023 - The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission received a report on the projected TIF revenues for 2023 from the Lehigh TIF District.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission will receive Real Property Tax revenue captured for the Redevelopment commission to pay project costs within the TIF district.

The Lehigh TIF District was created on October 14, 2021 and will expire 25 years after the date on which the first obligation is incurred to pay principal and interest on bonds or lease rentals from the TIF area.

The purpose is to capture property taxes generated from the incremental assessed value of real and personal property. At this time only real property have been captured by TIF area at this time, and personal property have yet to be captured by the TIF area.

In 2023, the spring collections were $172,502.88.

Some of the future projects proposed by the RDC include:

  • Road repairs around the Lehigh cement plant which include $500,000 to $ 1 million

  • Shell Building in the industrial park in Mitchell - $4 Million ( note during the meeting on Thursday those cost will be $5.1 Million)

  • Capital improvements related to the expansion of the Lehigh Cement plane

1. Construction/extension of sewer, water, road, and gas infrastructure improvements

2. Access road infrastructure

3. Site preparation, excavation, and drainage

4. Parking and lighting for parking areas

5. Equipment that promotes economic development

6. Construction/Re-construction of roads and bridges, and a shell building

7. Assistance for workforce housing

IMPACTS from TIF Districts

  • Does TIF take away funds from other taxing units?

  1. If the increased assessed value from the new developments would not occur but for the TIF incentives, then it cannot be lost to the other units

  2. TIF postpones adding new assessed value to the tax base, which postpones the reduction in tax rates for funds with levy limits and postpones increased revenues from funds with rate limits; and postpones reduction in circuit breaker credits

  3. During TIF capture, other taxing units may immediately benefit if personal property assessed value is not captured; if a portion of the TIF assessed value is pass-through to other unties; jobs and wages may increase local option income tax revenue

  4. After TIF ends ( or if there is a surplus pass-through,) the increased assessed value is added to the tax base of all the taxing units.

  • Does TIF Shift revenues from overlapping taxing units to TIF districts?

  1. No loss or shifting if the " but for" test is satisfied

  2. No loss or shifting if there are no other means to fund the incentives or infrastructure besides TIF

  3. No loss or shifting if TIF District Funds the purpose for which it is intended; and does not continue to exist after the infrastructure is fully funded

  • Does TIF take away funds from Schools?

  1. School education expenses are largely funded by the State - State funding is based on student enrollment

  2. Operations Fund and Debt Services Fund are Levy limited - No revenue impact from TIF Capture, TIF capture postpones reduction in tax rates

  3. Taxpayers " Property Tax Caps reduce School Funding - Circuit breaker loss only if TIF does not meet "But for test"

  4. Referendum approved levy includes TIF revenue

  • Examples how the TIF or RDC can help schools

  1. Training programs

  2. Transportation center

  3. STEM programs

  4. Safety/Security

  5. Computers

  6. Personal Property Assessed Value Growth

  7. Pass-through excess TIF Assessed Value

Mitchell Community Schools has ex-facto member of the Lawrence County RDC, since January that member has not attended a Lawrence County RDC member. That member has no voting privileges, previous Mitchell Community School member Cindy Brooking attended the previous RDC meetings and was engaged in the Lawrence RDC projects and how that affected the Mitchell Community Schools.


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