• Bill Raines

Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission Invests in Community Improvements

JUDAH - (March 11, 2022) -The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission took more action to invest in community improvements with the delivery of a $17,500 check to the Marshall Township Volunteer Fire Department on March 9 to help fund a utility task vehicle for the department.

The investment in the VFD’s new vehicle comes through a Memorandum of Understanding the two groups signed last month as part of the Redevelopment Commission’s initiative to maximize the value of its Marshall Township TIF District. Other projects in Marshall Township that the Redevelopment Commission has funded include the Avoca Park project and the Briarwood sanitary sewer project.

“This new vehicle will help ease the Fire Department’s ability to reach areas of the Township in locations off the beaten path,” explained Jason Lewis, Fire Chief for the Department. This gives us the ability to extend where we can go when there’s a need for a rescue or a wildland fire at a location that our other vehicles might not be able to reach.”

“Marshall Township’s TIF District has been the first big project our new Redevelopment Commission has managed, and I feel we’ve made a strong effort to respond to the needs of our community,” said Tim Deckard, a member of the Redevelopment Commission who is a resident of the Township.


“The Redevelopment Commission has been thoughtful in trying to address subjects that are relevant and impactful for the Township,” added Redevelopment Commission member Scott Smith. “The projects we’ve assisted – the sewer improvements, the park investment, and the fire protection service – reflected the good conversations we had about the many priorities that Lawrence County needs to be able to focus on for the sake of our citizens.”


The funding from the Redevelopment Commission is expected to cover half the cost of the utility task vehicle, while the VFD will raise the funds to cost the remainder of the expense.

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