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Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission Approved Allocation of $113,000 in Marshall Township TIF

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (December 9, 2021) - The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission voted to allocate $113,000 in Marshall Township Funds.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission entered into a MOA (Memorandum of Understanding) with the three groups expected to receive the funds.

  • Marshal Township Volunteer Fire Department will receive $17,500 to purchase a Utility Task Vehicle. This will aid to reach scenes in difficult terrain with a growth in residential homes on properties not easily accessible by the larger fire apparatus. The department will match the funding with another $17,500 coming from another grant source to help equip the new vehicle.

  • The Regional Sewer District in the Judah area will be awarded $113,500 directed towards the SIDC for their fees associated with the new wastewater treatment facility being constructed in the Judah area. The vote passed with stipulations that the money will be directed in a restricted fund.

  • Avoca Park and Recreation was allocated $40,000 in TIF funds with an understanding that the funds will be used in conjunction with other grants being sought by the group. The funds must be dispensed by 2025 or returned back to the RDC.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission tabled the allocation to the Lawrence County Fairgrounds for the installation of broadband to the Expo Hall.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission obtained bid proposals from Smithville Communications with the Commission favoring option B with the least expensive measure.

Option B will include approximately $70,000 in installation fees, with a $11,000 annual fee for the next ten years. Four of those years, the Lawrence County RDC paying the $11,000, and the remainder of those years the Lawrence County Fair Board paying the $11,000.

At this time there is no commitment from the Lawrence County Fair Board, and agreements and MOUs would have to be drafted among the groups involved.

The Lawrence County RDC did seek out other bids with AT&T with costs considerably higher according to Scott Smith, who also is a board member of both Lawrence County Fair Board for the Lawrence County Council, and Lawrence County RDC member.

The commission voted on using the remainder of the TIF money from Marshall Township to compensate Attorney David Smith for his work with the RDC. An agreement will be forthcoming from David Smith who has no contract with the RDC.

The commission approved paying Ice Miller for their work on the abolishment of the Lehigh TIF district and creating the new Lehigh TIF District in the amount of $13,629.16.

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