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MITCHELL - JANUARY 12, 2023 - The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission held a public hearing to amend the Declaratory Resolution and 2022 Plan for the Lehigh TIF District.

Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins spoke in favor of the amendment to Lawrence County's RDC plan for the Lehigh TIF District

Attorney Lisa Lee, with ICE Miller was unavailable by teleconference during this morning's meeting with President Jeff Quyle attempting several times to reach her.

The amendment will allow the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission to use funds from the sale of Dunn Memorial Hosptial to support the Virgil Grissom Airport runway expansion to have the 5 percent of matching funds for a FAA grant on the project.

The total amount will be approximately $184,000, with the funds to be paid back to the Dunn Hospital sale account once the revenues from the TIF district starts generating revenues.

The second project will be the repairs of Merdian Road once the Lehigh construction project is complete. Up to $400,000 have been allocated by the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission using the sale of Dunn Hospital Funds for that project.

The RDC will fund the paving of Merdian Road, and a culvert replacement with Lawrence County Commissioner Wally Branham receiving two bids on the project at this time. A third bid is being sought on the project. Once the revenues from the TIF district start flowing into the RDC the money will be paid back to the Dunn Hospital sale fund.

Both Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins, and Lawrence County Aviation Board president, Lawrence County Council member Jeff Lyton spoke in favor of the amendments.

The resolution passed in a 4-0 vote by the RDC members.

The City of Mitchell and Lawrence County RDC have agreed to the MOU to construct a shell building in the Mitchell Industrial Park.

The construction of the 50,000 square foot building with construction expected to begin on June 30, 2023. The City of Mitchell wanted the RDC be responsible for the maintenance and insurance of the building until sold to the business.

Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission

The Lawrence County RDC will be asking local attorney Greg Pittman, to work on the deed for the 14 acres of property owned by the Mitchell Industrial Corporation.

Lawrence County RDC attorney David Smith resigned from representing, the RDC in October.

The partnership will help create better economic opportunities for City of Mitchell.

The officers for the Lawrence County RDC will remain the same for 2023.

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