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Lawrence County RDC Gives TIF Funds for Avoca Park and Recreation of Marshall Township

AVOCA - ( February 10, 2022) -The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission took a big step toward its 2022 goal of contributing to economic growth and quality of place investments with the February 8 presentation of a $40,000 TIF check to Marshall Township for investment in the Avoca Park project. Scott Smith, County Council member as well as Secretary of the Redevelopment Commission, presented the check to Marshall Township Trustee Susan Evans in a brief ceremony at the Avoca Park location.

(Pictured in the photo left to right are: Sam Bond, Susan Evans, Scott Smith, Ed Franklin, and Christopher Noel)

“I'm glad that we were able to get the Redevelopment Commission going again and to find ways the community can benefit from these funds,” Smith said, referring to the County Government’s re-establishment of the Redevelopment Commission in 2021. The Commission members spent 2021 reviewing past activities of the Marshall Township and Lehigh TIF districts, then took action to carry out several projects. “We will hopefully continue to find other worthwhile projects around the County that we can help develop and improve.”


“We are very pleased to accept this check on behalf of the Marshall Township Trustee and Board for the Avoca Park and Recreation of Marshall Township area. This money will help us realize some things that we are planning to enhance the park and keep it a free and safe place for everyone to enjoy nature,” Marshall Township Susan Evans said. The Township leaders have carried out a number of projects that have begun the conversion of the former DNR fish hatchery property into a beautiful natural park that is already seeing many members of the public visiting and strolling along the trails. Local citizens in the area have provided a very active corps of volunteers who are accomplishing noticeable improvements on a shoestring budget.

“Our volunteers in the community have been the heroes of this park so far because of all their work,” Sam Bond said. Bond has been the leader of the Township’s organized work group that focuses on the park. “These funds are going to give us a chance to do even more this spring to improve the park and the historic structures here.”

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The County Redevelopment Commission will explore a number of 2022 projects near Mitchell that could substantially improve the local economy. One example is the dialog the Commission is having with the City of Mitchell to collaborate on the construction of a new industrial building in the Mitchell industrial park. Scott Smith and other members of the Commission have been studying such buildings in other communities in Indiana to learn the best practices to follow for that proposed project.

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