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Lawrence County Purdue Extension Director Lesley Lodmell Give Quarterly Update

LAWRENCE COUNTY - APRIL 27, 2022 - Lawrence County Purdue Extension Director Lesley Lodmell gave Lawrence County council members an update during their meeting Tuesday night.

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Lawrence County AG Outlook

This year's Lawrence County Ag Outlook program was offered a platform allowing the distribution and interpretation of commodity market forecasts to stakeholders within the and around the agriculture sector of Lawrence County.

Dr. Michael Langemeirer with Purdue University provided information to stakeholders on how to read and respond to market signals in the coming and growing and harvest seasons.

The program featured a presentation on the 2022 agricultural economy, touching on the topics of: commodity and food price outlooks, U.S. and global agriculture trade developments, climate change, and innovations in agriculture production and sustainability.

The program included additional presentation on potential tax law changes related to agriculture and farming. All participants expressed interest in attending additional programing on topics given by Dr. Langemeirer.

Source: Community Connections Through Purdue Extension

VET 105

According to the USDA Ag Census, Lawrence County is the top county for beef cows in the state. On the flip side of animal husbandry, the number of large animal veterinarians making farm calls is decreasing annually.

One way for producers to counteract the lack of vet services is by learning additional skills while saving money.

The VET 101 series, started in 2017, partnership with Spring Mill Veterinary Services. Dr. Jerry Rusch and Dr. Burchman included hand-on demonstrations utilizing live animals to teach producers skills and practices they can perform on their farms.

VET 105 was the fifth program of the series offered in December 2021. This year's program featured topics such as: types of minerals and related equipment to have on hand, mineral supplementation and methods, mineral development, deficiency symptoms, and tracing mineral impact efficiency within the cattle herd.


Indiana 4-H created a new educational opportunity for youth in 2022 with introduction of 4-H Day at the State House. The 4-H Educator served on the planning and implementation team to create this event for over 350 Indiana Youth.

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Lawrence County has a strong representation with nine youth delegates attending the first-time event. Their experience began with on overnight stay where they connected with other 4-H members and talking about meeting legislatures.

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The House and Senate both passed resolutions establishing 4-H Day at the State House.

" I had the most incredible opportunity to go with other 4-H members to the Indiana State House. Honestly, to grasp the whole concept, you just need to go there yourself. I can't put into words how beautiful the State House is," Jacob Burris, 8th Grade Lawrence County 4-H member.

Source: Community Connections Through Purdue Extension

Quarter totals:

  • 13,072 Minutes of Education

  • 4180 Client Consultations

  • 47 Community & Coalition Meetings

  • 4,290 Total numbers of participants

  • 179 Program Sessions Hosted

  • Total number of participants 4,290

  • Social media reach 4,290

For more information extension.purdue/lawrence


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