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Lawrence County Prosecutor says police action shooting was justified

On February 5, 2023, at around 3 A.M. officers from the Lawrence County Police Department and the Mitchell Police Department stopped a vehicle being driven by Anthony Richmond. The officers' investigation revealed that Richmond was in possession of illegal drugs.

The suspect fled on foot from the traffic stop in a westward direction, across a 5-lane highway and was pursued by the 3 officers. Once on the other side of the highway and near a billboard, the suspect engaged in a physical altercation with the officers and fired upon them using a handgun, striking a deputy and the Mitchell officer. The Mitchell officer returned fire and struck and killed the suspect. The Lawrence County Police Officers were wearing issued body cameras and this incident was captured on video.

The Indiana State Police Department was notified and conducted the investigation of the incident. Several Detectives and Evidence Technicians were assigned to the investigation. Additionally, Forensic Pathologist James Jacobi conducted an autopsy of Anthony Richmond. On March 28, 2023 the Indiana State Police Department completed their investigation and submitted a case report for my review. In addition to the report, I received a Certificate of Analysis from the Indiana State Police Laboratory Division that related to the functionality of all firearms involved in the incident as well as ammunition.

After reviewing all of the evidence in this case, I have determined that the police action shooting was justified and that the officers' actions were appropriate given the situation. I have given the Lawrence County Police Department the authorization to release the video that was captured by the officers issued body cameras.

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