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Lawrence County Jail Population Moves Below 100 in Month of October

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 25, 2022 - According to Chief Public Defender Timothy Sledd the jail population has moved below 100 to approximately 90 inmates in the Month of October.

The efforts among Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline, Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel Arp II, Lawrence County Chief Public Defender Tim Sledd, and Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham have been proven beneficial in keeping the jail population under control.

The length of stay among the inmates have reduced the jail population. According to Sheriff Branham the average stay for inmates in the month of September was 26 days. The longest length of stay for inmates were two years.

Currently there are 15 inmates with more than 182 days in the Lawrence County Correctional facility with four of those will be going to the Department of Corrections.

Sheriff Branham reported a total of 105 inmates as of this morning which is 58 percent capacity.

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