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Lawrence County Independent School Celebrates Playground Ribbon Cutting

FAYETTEVILLE - JULY 31, 2023 - Lawrence County Independent School celebrated on Saturday afternoon with a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new inclusive playground.

The Lawrence County Independent School staff, board, and community members came to the event to let the kids play on the new equipment, have hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drink.

" We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came to be with us today. Witnessing the unwavering support of our community, never fails to amaze me. Only three years ago, Lawrence County Independent Schools was nothing more than an idea by a held few parents in within our our community. These individuals sought something exceptional for their children," said Sarah Principal Lawrence County Independent Schools.

" Through endless hours of meetings, hours of research, and navigating the process for charter authorization Lawrence County Independent Schools gradually transformed into a reality. We acknowledge the original board members, parents, and teachers who laid the foundation upon which we stand today. Their dedication and sacrifices made LCIS a reality,"

" From the inception of LCIS we recognized importance not only providing an excellent academic environment but also creating a space for our students can learn valuable life skills through play. We dreamed of a playground that will follow through with their development and ignite their imagination. It is heartening to see our community coming together again to brainstorm ideas for this playground. As the vision begin to take shape our PTO took charge and organized many Playground Plazooas and fundraisers to bring these dreams to life. Their unwavering support has been instrumental to our success and we are deeply grateful to everyone in the school's PTO. We stand here today a testament to the hundred of hours donated by board members, families, staff, and community. Your collective efforts have made this playground a reality and we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to each one of everyone of you," concluded.

The total cost of the playground equipment was estimated at around $300,000 with LCIS paying out around $87,000 out of the CSP Funds to pay for the equipment.

Some of the original features were cut out to help save costs on the project and volunteers done some of the work to also help save on expenditures.

Following the ribbon cutting the students rushed to the playground having a great time and anticipating on a fun place to play when school begins.

The Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department attended the event Saturday afternoon and both the adults and children alike were happy with the new feature at Fayetteville for the whole community to be able to use.

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