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Lawrence County Honors Dennis Daniel Wray Jr. During Wreath Laying Ceremony Monday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 30, 2022 - During a wreath laying ceremony on Monday at the Lawrence County Courthouse those in attendance honored the service and memory of Dennis Daniel Wray Jr. who passed away this January.

Left Gabriella and Charlize Wray hold a portrait of their father on Monday during Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Lawrence County Courthouse

Dennis was born on June 20, 1983, and passed away while serving on January 30, 2022.

Dennis said " to love is to serve" and Dennis always had a special place in his heart for all his military brothers and sisters who he called friends.

Dennis love for country Dennis entered into the military at the late age of 34, on September of 2017.

This inspiration came from his son's who serve in the Air Force, and Army at Fort Bliss

Dennis was an AGR soldier with the duties at Joint Forces Headquarters, Indiana Army National Guard in Indianapolis.

Dennis had a stroke while serving during the COVID-19 Pandemic

" He was a good soldier, and was recognized in Basic Training for his leadership," said his wife Kendra Wray. " He got a lot of compliments, because he was older but out performed them," Kendra added.

At the Joint Forces Headquarters on July 10th, will also be honoring Dennis's memory with a memorial there with his portrait dedicated to the J1 Unit because of his service. " He made sure the soldiers were taken care of,"

During the ceremony his wife Kendra laid the wreath while her two daughters laid the flags at the memorial at the Lawrence County Courthouse honoring those who have died in the previous wars of the past.

May the memory of all those who died while serving never be forgotten.

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