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Lawrence County Highway Crews Ready for Predicted Winter Storm

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (February 2, 2022) -Lawrence County Commissioner Rodney Fish says highway crews are ready for the predicted Winter Storm that will start on Wednesday.

Fish says there is a good supply of salt and sand to be ready to treat roadways when they start to become slick.

With those preparations already in place Fish reminded residents, " Ultimately residents are responsible for their own safety. Be sure to make your own preparations and stay home if necessary. Stay tuned to all local media for announcements and advisories as they are issued,"

The weather forecast is calling for the winter storm to start out as rain which would make pre-treating roadways difficult or impossible.

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National Weather Service Discussion:

WINTER STORM WILL LIKELY PRODUCE SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS THROUGH THURSDAY... - Over a foot of snow is possible across the northern forecast area. - Over 6 inches of snow is possible across much of the remainder of the area, with lesser amounts south of Bloomington to Greensburg or so. - Some ice accumulation will occur as well, but questions of how long the warm nose is around and how deep it will be leads to continued uncertainty in ice amounts. - Gusty winds could cause issues with ice on power lines and eventually blowing snow as moisture content decreases. - Given that a temperature change of 3 degrees or a movement of 50 miles of the system could have major impacts on types and amounts, confidence in details across the southern 2/3 of the area remains lower than desired at this point.

Lawrence County Zephyr will provide updates throughout the storm.

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