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Lawrence County Health Department Asks for 2nd Sanitarian for 2nd Year in row

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 21, 2022 - The Lawrence County Health Department asks for a second sanitarian for the 2nd year in a row. The new position is budgeted at $44,000.

(Lawrence County Health Nurse Mindy Hopkins asks for a second Sanitarian)

Currently, there is only one sanitarian Brenda Cummings; who states she is nearing retirement and would beneficial if she could start training the second sanitarian. " It is important we start training someone now, because there is a lot of information that is needed for a new person to be able to learn," said Cummings.

Lawrence County Health Nurse Mindy Hopkins outlined the job requirements for a sanitarian. There is a total of 160 septic's inspected a year, and total of 204 permanent food establishments and 46 mobile food vendors that need inspected yearly.

The Lawrence County Health Department budget proposal for 2023 is $495,565 compared to $421,170 budgeted for last year.

The Lawrence County Council took the proposed budget under advisement.

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