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BEDFORD - JANUARY 3, 2022 - Lawrence County Fire Territory Ambulance Service EMS 11 has already responded to the first 911 calls of 2023.

The Lawrence County Fire Territory Fire and Ambulance service which is staffed 24/7 by four crew members have been training for some time. There are a total of 47 fire/ems personnel on the roster.

The first day the county's newest ambulance service responded to 6 EMS calls according to officials.

This included four calls within the fire territory and two calls in other townships. One of those calls was within the Bedford City limits.

The ambulance responded to calls outside of the territory due to no ambulances available.

" Our primary response area is Shawswick and Guthrie Townships," said Fire Chief Bobby Brown. " If needed we will respond out in the county," Brown added.

In December, the Lawrence County 911 board, Lawrence County Commissioners and Lawrence County Council approved a four-year contract for IU Lifeline Ambulance Service to provide 911 EMS services.

The first two years of the contract which totals $700,000 will be funded by ARPA funds. The remaining $800,000 the county council will have to appropriate for the remainder of the two years contract.

Lawrence County has received $8.8 million in APRA funds. The Lawrence County Commissioners have not yet informed the public where the remaining APRA funds will be dispersed to.

The contract says that IU Lifeline will provide 1 ALS Ambulance, 2 BLS ambulances, and one ALS Squad vehicle. The first year of the contract is $300,000 due to IU Lifeline not able to fully staff the ambulances until February or March 2023.

IU Lifeline will provide a dedicated ambulance to the hospital in addition to the 911 contract.

IU Lifeline is offering EMT classes paying the participants to attend the class. Upon successful completion of the class. Students might be offered a position with IU Lifeline.

Ambulance coverage has been a growing concern over the last four years. On several occasion the county was left without an ambulance in the county.

Some response times have been over 45 to 50 minutes prior to the arrival of ambulance from other counties. Jackson County has refused to respond to Lawrence County.

Seals Ambulance Service discontinued operations in Lawrence County on December 15, 2022.

The Lawrence County 911 board did not require any ambulance service to have contract to provide 911 Ambulance coverage.

There is no longer an ambulance stationed in the City of Mitchell. The City of Mitchell Fire Department responded to 974 calls in 2022, the majority of those EMS responses. Marion Township has responded to 53 vehicle accidents, and 469 Emergency Medical calls.

The ambulances coming from the City of Bedford or Orange County for both the City of Mitchell and Marion Township.

None of the municipal governments contribute to ambulance coverage at this time. This includes the City of Bedford, City of Mitchell or Town of Oolitic.

IU Lifeline Ambulance has supported the new service by donating two heart monitors which was a huge cost savings to the department.

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