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Lawrence County Drug Problem Solving Court has Four More Graduates

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (March 3, 2022) - The Lawrence County Problem Solving Court is still making positive impact on lives in Lawrence County.

(Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline stands with Kyle, Adam. Jacob., and Robert who graduated for Drug Problem Solving Court Program)

This morning, Kyle , Adam , Jacob and Robert told their stories on how they succeeded in the four-phase program that led to their sobriety.

"At the beginning of this program I had quite a list of problems, not just drugs and alcohol. This included character defects of myself, and at the start of the programs I had no recollection of that," said Jacob Ray.

" During the program I had multiple treatments, it took a few mistakes to find the reasons behind this. However, this program has changed my life for the good, I could not be even more happy,"

To the skeptics of the program Ray says " Give them a fighting chance, everybody is different, and everybody has to find their own way,"

For those who are not yet in the system Ray says the time isnow, to seek out help. There are a variety of AA and NA programs that offer great support in Lawrence County.

In Lawrence County there is Direct and Serenity Club which are safe places.

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Judge Bob Cline says this is an amazing group, they have truly changed. " Anyone can do something for a short period of time, but when you see them live their lives differently over a period of years; that is change,"

" I am going to miss them, this group they brought a lot of wisdom, to the other participants," added Cline.


" We are in a county of 45,000 people, every single person we lift up, they have family members, and all of the sudden you have several people you have lifted up. Fathers and mothers are able to take care of their kids, they go to work and have jobs and this supports their families," said Cline. " Each family you raise up, all the sudden we are a better community,"

(The four-phase program holds the candidates accountable, and help them achieve success)

The candidates for the Drug Problem Court are evaluated to see if they are a candidate for the program. The candidates are interviewed, and the team decides whether or not they are brought into the program.

The program last 24-36 months of the four-phase program. Most generally those who make it through Phase 1 and Phase II make it through the program.

" The program keeps people out of jail, they get jobs, and start businesses, and all these positives start to happen for them," said Cline.

" I am a strong believer in this program," Cline concluded.

" This awesome to see this today, and a long-time coming. This has been a very long road for our family, we kept praising when he started making progress. We were there for him every step of the way." said Crystal Ray." I did not ever think we would get this far."

The Lawrence County Drug Problem Solving Court continues to have many success stories of both men and women who came through the program living a sober alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

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