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Lawrence County Council Tables Sheriff's Contract until approved by the commissioners

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 25, 2023 - The Lawrence County Council has tabled any action on the four-year contract with Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day.

Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day gives a report to the Lawrence County Council Tuesday night

The contract is a simple contract which states the Sheriff Day will get a $118,000 a year. The sheriff could have taken a state statue salary which is 70 percent of the Lawrence County Prosecutor's salary and 20 percent of the sheriff's sale.

The first part of the video discusses the contract, jail counts, and security changes at the courthouse.

Day reported to the Lawrence County Council the inmates count, updated them on his first few weeks in office and concerns about the 911 dispatch center. Information in regard to the 911 dispatch center will be in another feature of the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Inmates Counts

  • Total inmates - 96

  • Males - 72

  • Females - 24

  • DOC - 4

  • Level 6 - 9

  • Parole holds - 0

Retired Bedford Police Officer Danny Irwin was hired for courthouse security and moving the Human Resources office which will put the HR office behind the security screening.

He will fill the position of Larry Reed Jr. who will be moving to an administrative role at the Lawrence County Jail.

The Human Resource office will be moved to the basement of the courthouse. The cameras monitors will be moved to the HR office to get them out of public view.

The security checkpoints will be moving closer to the door at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Security checkpoints and office of the courthouse security at the Lawrence County Plaza will be moving in the near future.

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