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Lawrence County Council Hires New Attorney

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 28, 2022 - The Lawrence County Council has hired a new attorney after their contract with David Smith was not renewed.

The Lawrence County Council interviewed several candidates and voted to hire Katie Simon, who also works for Scott Callahan Attorney Katie Simon.

The proposed salary for Simon will be $18,000 with no benefits.

Simon has also served previously as a Deputy Prosecutor from 2014-2018.

Janie "Craig" Chenault voted to abstain from the hiring of Simon. Chenault wanted it on record that she abstained from the vote.

Chenault made a motion to hire Ted Johnson but died quickly due to a lack of a second.

The Lawrence County Council has not had their own attorney for several years, before hiring David Smith as its attorney. Smith serves as attorney for both the Lawrence County Commissioners and Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission.

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