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Lawrence County Council budget at record $36 million in 2024

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 - Budget Notice for 2024 by the Lawrence County Council will include a record $36 million budget for 2024.

Lawrence County Council will vote on a record $35 million budget for 2024

The work session will begin tonight at 4:30 pm at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

The budget in 2023 was at $29 million, Lawrence County property taxes went up significantly in 2023 with the increase in assess value with the county assessed value at $ 2 billion.

Lawrence County Sheriff asked for pay raises for his staff. A starting deputy make just over $48,000 a year.

Photo: Sheriff Greg Day asked for more pay for his staff as their pay is the lowest in the area. The Republican officer holders in Lawrence County make more money than public safety officers after lobbying county council members for pay increases over the last three years

Over the last two years the county elected leaders asked for and received a 20 percent pay increase and this year the elected leaders will receive another 4 percent pay increase.

Facing Judicial mandates from Lawrence County judges the Lawrence County Council increased the pay of court staff.

The tax increases and changes to the levies have allowed the Lawrence County Council to fund the budget increases of almost $10 million the last two budget cycles.

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